Come and celebrate 85 years of Illumination with the Edison Festival of Light in Fort Myers River District!
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Volunteers are needed at Festival events from February 10-18, 2018. After you have completed your volunteer form, we will be in touch to get you scheduled!
If you're volunteering on behalf of a organization

Have you volunteered with the Festival before?

(ie: sun exposure, standing, etc.)
Please check your experience and skills.

Areas of Interest

I hereby agree to serve as a volunteer for Edison Festival of Light, Inc. under the following terms and conditions:

I will donate my services to Edison Festival of Light, Inc. without contemplation of compensation or future employment. I will adhere to the scheduling procedures set for by Edison Festival of Light, Inc, and agree to notify the Volunteer Coordinator when I am unable to work as scheduled. I will notify the Volunteer Coordinator if I so choose to discontinue my volunteer services at Edison Festival of Light, Inc.

In the event of an emergency, based on the severity of the accident, injury or illness, I authorize Edison Festival of Light, Inc. to seek emergency medical treatment for me prior to reaching my emergency contact.

I understand that during my volunteer services, I may be exposed to private or confidential information regarding, but not limited to Edison Festival of Light, Inc. and its employees. I hereby agree to hold all such information in the strictest confidence and shall not disclose or discuss such private or confidential information with a third party, even after my volunteer service with Edison Festival of Light, Inc. terminates.

Volunteer agrees to and hereby assumes any and all risk of personal injuries to Volunteer, including death and damages to Volunteer's property, caused by or arising out of Volunteer's involvement in the Event.

Volunteer hereby agrees to defend, indemnify and hold Edison Festival of Light, Inc. harmless from and against any claim, demand, suit, loss, causes of action, damages liabilities, obligations, costs, expenses and judgments (including without limitation, death and damages to property) caused by Volunteer's acts or omissions and arising out of Volunteer's involvement in the Event.

Volunteer agrees that Festival has permission to use my image or likeness from any photographs, drawings, or videos taken during my participation in current and/or future publicity for Festival.
Release & Indemnification
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