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Grand Parade

Be a part of our signature event, the Grand Parade of Light. The Grand Parade is the largest night parade. The event features national and local marching bands, floats, entertainment, and other specialty units. It celebrates the life and achievements of Thomas Alva Edison.

To be a part of the Grand Parade, an application must be completed. The application process is as follows:

  1. Read the Grand Parade Rules and Regulations
  2. Complete the Grand Parade Application Form and pay the entry fee
  3. Upload a photo of the float picture or drawing
  4. Fill out the Parade Script Form
  5. Send the link for the Participant Indemnification Form and have all participants fill out the Participant Indemnification Form (online or send in paper form)
  6. Complete the Festival Insurance Form
    • This form is need so that you and your organization is covered in case of an accident. The Edison Festival of Light needs and the City of Fort Myers needs to be listed on your insurance as an additional insured. the policy should include a general liability of at least $1 million.
    • If you do not have insurane, you can research some agencies online - ACE is one company that offers the insurance.
    • You can choose to have a rider on the Edison Festival of Light insurance policy and choose that option on the form.
    • To complete this form, you will need to add Edison Festival of Light and City of Fort Myers as additional insured on your insurance or purchase user insurance from the Edison Festival of Light.
Need assistance with your parade entry such as a float or other specialty unit? We can help - just fill out this Inquiry Form and we will be in touch.

Have a group? We can help you with travel plans by filling out our Group Travel Form.
Grand Parade Application
Feb 16, 2019 | 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Application for Grand Parade of Light
Parade Script Form
Script Form for television broadcast of parades
Festival Indemnification Form
Indemnification form for all festival participants, including float riders and walkers. Form can be emailed to participants.
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