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Grand Parade Rules and Regulations

Grand Parade Rules PDF Version

Rules and Regulations

1. Applications: Applications must be completed and filled out completely, with all associated forms. It is recommended for the organizer to sign up for a login on the Edison Festival of Light webpage to easier navigate the application process. Applications include the Entry Fee, Signed Application, Float picture or drawing, Script Form, State of Florida Nonprofit Status Form (if applicable), and the Indemnification Form ( for all participants).

2. Illumination: The Grand Parade of Light is expected to be a parade of spectacular lights. All floats are required to be illuminated and all participants are expected to wear some type of illumination device while on the parade route. The Edison Festival of Light can assist in some resources of light ropes.

3. Animals: No live animals are allowed unless approved by the parade committee.

4. Favors: Tossing items (including candy) from any part of the entry is prohibited on the parade route during the parade. Favors may be handed out by walkers along the edge of the parade route.

5. Walkers: The Parade Committee reserves the right to limit the number of adult walkers with unit. The view of the television camera, judges and parade audience may be blocked by an excessive number of walkers per unit. Walkers may perform along with the float or unit as long as they are in costume in accordance with the theme of the unit and must maintain a parade pace. Walkers and performers should wear some type of illumination device. Children are not permitted to walk alongside a float.

6. Solicitation: Units will not solicit the crowd for any sales or donations. Contact the Edison Festival of Light for fundraising opportunities within the Festival.

7. Float Size: Float sizes are as follows: 8 ft. – 12 ft. (width), 16 ft. – 64 ft. (length), and a maximum of 13.5 ft. (height).

8. Floats/Tow Units: It is recommended that the tow vehicle be a four-wheel drive vehicle. All tow vehicles should be decorated accordingly. Tow vehicles will not have any commercial logos or wraps on the outside of the vehicle.

9. A fire extinguisher, emergency tow chains and adequate fuel is required by the City of Fort Myers Fire Department who will inspect your unit and have the authority to disqualify it from the parade. All floats must be connected to the tow unit by a safety chain.

10. Fire Extinguisher: A 2A-10BC fire extinguisher with an up-to-date inspection tag shall be on each unit.
111. Inspection: All floats may be inspected by a designated official of the Parade Committee and/or the City of Fort Myers Building and Fire Department at any time.

12. Fuel: No refueling of generator is permitted while generator is running. Any gasoline container shall be in a U.L. (Underwriters Laboratory) approved container. Gasoline containers shall be placed in a safe ventilated area.

13. Float Positions: Unit location in the parade is determined by the Parade Marshal. Floats and tow units must be in place in the parade staging area by 1 pm on parade day.

14. Smoking or Drinking Alcoholic Beverages: Will not be allowed in the staging area or in the line of march. Anyone guilty of the infraction may be removed from the parade lineup.

15. No firearms or other explosive materials are allowed. All decorations must be fire and rain resistant. Check the Edison Festival of Light website for insight on creating your own parade float.

16. Exhaust pipes on vehicles should be clear and not come in contact with anything flammable on floats. Exhaust pipes should not be contained, keeping fumes from escaping to the outside atmosphere.

17. No vehicles are allowed in the parade except those approved by the Parade Marshal.

18. Drivers: All vehicles including Golf Carts must be operated by a licensed driver.

19. Release & Indemnification Agreement: Release and indemnification Agreement MUST be signed by each participant. Forms are available online and can be filled out online by sending the link to all participants or their parents/guardian. Forms can be also be emailed, faxed or mailed to the address on the form. Failure to do so will result in removal from the Grand Parade of Light.

20. Insurance: To protect your organization from any issues from spectators, insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 is needed. A certificate of Insurance naming the Edison Festival of Light Inc. and the City of Fort Myers as additional insured is required. If insurance is not available, the Edison Festival of Light can provide this insurance (known as “user insurance”) for a fee. See our Website for more information under Applications.

21. Parade Meeting: There will be a mandatory meeting for all organizations/units the week of the parade. At least one person from your group must attend. Information on the meeting date, time, and location will be emailed to the main contact on the parade application.

22. Parade Marshal: The Parade Marshal and Parade Committee reserve the right to refuse any unit or person from participation in the Grand Parade of Light for safety, rules violation or esthetic reasons.

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