Press Release: Edison Festival of Light Announces 2018 Official Poster Contest Winner

To commemorate the 80th Anniversary, the Edison Festival of Light held a poster design contest that was promoted on social media. Local graphic designer and illustrator, Todd Calfee’s design was selected and posters were displayed throughout the Downtown River District.

Todd graduated from the University of Northern Iowa in 2005 and is proud to be teaching at Cape Coral Technical College. While there, he helps emerging designers begin their careers. Attending the Edison Festival of Light Grand Parade has become a family tradition for the Calfee family. They have a special spot near Fort Myers High School where the kids love to see the floats and sway to the music of the passing bands.

Todd’s love for Fort Myers and its rich history led to an interest in the vintage signs at venues like the Arcade and Edison Theatres. His colorful poster design captures part of the history while also paying tribute to the Festival of Light 80th Anniversary. Don’t be surprised if you see more of Todd’s work promoting our great City and the events held here.

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