2016 Inventors Fair Winners

The 2016 Thomas Alva Edison Regional Inventors Fair Awards took place on Tuesday, January 26, 2016 at Edison Park Creative and Expressive Arts Elementary School.

Several thousands of dollars in product prizes from Sony Electronics were distributed along with awards and ribbons for 4th, 3rd, 2nd and 1st place winners by grade level. (Elementary, Middle and High Schools). Scholarships from Florida Southwestern State College and the Southwest Florida Community Foundation were also given to two qualified inventions of high merit. All student exhibitors are judged by a group of three highly qualified judges based on such criteria as originality, usefulness, safety, research, marketability and presentation. Special Category Awards are also made to exceptional inventions with the use of special criteria set by the donor of the special Awards.

The Edison Festival of Light would like to congratulate all of the students for the hard work they put into their inventions and how amazing they turned out!

The 2016 winners are as follows:

1. Asha Kancheril – The Bug House

First Grade
1. Anna Kancheril – Clean and Dance Party App
2. Elijah Howarth – Car Food Holder
3. Mia Hughes – Ice Cream Melting
4. Katie Short – Hair Tie Holder

Second Grade
1. Blake McDonald – Birdy Bib
2. Gianna Del Negro – No Nit Cootie Cover
3. Seneca Pineda – The Cozy Cup
4. Riley Barson – Plant Hero
4. Amber Al-Bahou – The Comfy Pencil
4. Tate Strachan – Sinkerator

Third Grade
1. Shenard Williams – Sniffle Band
2. Colette Couillard – Buddy Beddy
3. Quinnlan Conrey – Fan Chair Booster
4. Kinsey Kennedy – The Lollybink
4. Valerie Hernandez – Hot and Cold Lunch Box

Fourth Grade
1. Sarah Friedman – Dispenser Sensor
2. Amaya Etcheverry – Evaporation Wateration
3. Kristina Podlasek – Germ Away Fountain Cover
3. Joaquin Konicek – Crossfit A.C.E.
4. Ava Braodhead – The Pet Pal
4. Brooke Dore-Smith – Practice Pad

Fifth Grade
1. Mackenzie McDonald – Disposable Downpour Dungarees
2. Lily Dounchis – Fruit Sparkles
2. Sofia Bonini – Soap To Go
3. Kendall Hillman – Classroom Helper
4. Faith Brownlee – Desk Mate

Sixth Grade
1. Alexander Broadhead – The Green Machine
2. Taven Turner – Hydro Helmet
3. Alexis Isherwood – Bouncy Shoes
4. Nathan Muench – Solar Powered Portable Generator
Seventh Grade
1. 1. Jazlin Breaux – The Baby Cart Sleeper

Eighth Grade
1. Caden Troyer – SENSU
2. Ethan Burt – LifeBars
3. Delaney Wetter – Instax Protection Pouch
4. Alyssa Fraser – The Sew-Cool Art Pouch

Ninth Grade
1. Mackenzie Robbins – The Ozolytic Converter
2. Luke Long – Watts in the Mud! Examining the Effectiveness of electrode surface area on maximizing electricity production in a microbial fuel cell
3. Lou-Isa Cadiou – Natural Cooling and Mechanical Circulation System
4. Noah Reid – Alternative Energy Generator

Tenth Grade
1. Adriana Amaris – Half-Priced Hydroponics
2. Amanda Collins – Color Touch
3. Irene Tu – Creating Enzyme Beads to Effectively Remove Lactose from Milk in Situ
4. Cassondra Goss – Cool Cup

Eleventh Grade
1. David Tashchyan – Magnetic Vortex
2. Alena Stevenson – Sew-In-1
2. Rolver Suazo – Sew-In-1
3. Samuel Goss – Kooler

Twelfth Grade
1. Meg Derums – Flash Freeze
1. Allison Lewis – Flash Freeze
2. Melissa Diaz – Bloss
3. Davina Angstenberger – Clevercam
3. Shayne Mills – Clevercam
4. Jasmine Dunbar – Snack-Sleeper
4. Daphnee Louis – Snack-Sleeper

Special Category Award Winners
Edison Festival Of Light Grand Parade – Division Winners Ride
Elementary: Amaya Etcheverry – Evaporation Wateration
Middle: Caden Troyer – SENSU
High School: MacKenzie Robbins – The Ozolytic Converter

Lehigh Acres Gazette Community Betterment Awards
Cameron Mele – The Ice Pocket
Ella Mayer – Step & Sip Pet Fountain

Edison Ford Winter Estates Week of Summer Camp
Lily Dounchis – Fruit Sprinkles

Imaginarium Young Innovator Award
Alec Gallogly

Edison Pageant of Light “Elementary School” Humanitarian Awards
Faith Farnesworth – BAARC
Kai Filler – The Handy Helper
Cooper Effing – Fixtures

Seminole Gulf Railway – Advancement of Transportation Award
MacKenzie Robbins – The Ozolytic Converter
Lillian Medina – Youth Sleeper Belt

Caloosa Bromeliad Society Award
Riley Barson – Plant Hero

Caloosa Veterinary Medical Society – Animal Welfare
Zoe Hebert – Chicken Cradle
Michelle Barnes – Equine Flexi Leg

Fort Myers Kiwanis Humanitarian Scholarship Award
Ethan Burt – LifeBars

Imagine Solutions Conference Award
MacKenzie Robbins – The Ozolytic Converter

Entrepreneurs Society of America – Gator Cage Hatchlings Mentorship
Caden Thornton – Music Bricks
Shenard Williams – Sniffle Band
Sarai Pinkston – Crab Counter
Joaquin Konicek – Crossfit A.C.E.
Amaya Etcheverry – Evaporation Wateration
Kristina Podlasek – Germ Away Fountain Cover
Fionn O’Neill – Morse Shoe
Karlee Schmid – Karlee’s Non-Stick Gum
Sofia Bonini – Soap to Go
Riley Peplinski – Sound Activated Ear-Piece
Carter Nelson – Two Shoes
David Tashchyan – Magnetic Vortex
Amanda Collins – Color Touch

Southwest Florida Community Foundation James & Eleanor Newton $4,000 Scholarship for middle school student
Caden Troyer – SENSU

Florida Southwestern State College – Two year academic scholarship (high school senior)
Davina Angstenberger – Clevercam
Shayne Mills – Clevercam

The Thomas Alva Edison Regional Science & Inventors Fairs are sanctioned events of the Edison Festival of Light. To learn more about the Thomas Alva Edison Regional Science and Inventors Fairs, please visit their website at EdisonFairs.net

Junior Parade Registration

If you are interested in registering for the Junior Parade in the Festival office, please note the following dates and times:

Friday, January 29th from 10am-4pm
Saturday, January 30th from 10am-2pm

Registration is taking place earlier this year than in the past to accommodate questions that may arise due to the route change for 2016.

Location: 1524 Jackson Street in Downtown Fort Myers (behind The Connection)

Information will be provided shortly regarding the meeting date and time that is mandatory for someone from your organization to attend.

Vote for the 2016 Honorary Grand Marshal

This program is sponsored by
Goldstein, Buckley, Chechman, Rice and Purtz
We received an overwhelming amount of nominations this year for such deserving individuals who truly help to make our community a better place. The committee was tasked with the grueling challenge of narrowing down the pool of candidates for the public vote. Below you can read a little about each of the finalists before placing your vote for the 2016 Honorary Grand Marshal.

The winner will ride in the Grand Parade of Light on February 20th, which sees over 200,000 participants and attendees!

Deputy Zazwirsky is a 12 year veteran of the Lee County Sheriff’s Office. In 2014 Deputy Zazwirsky began “Fighting Holiday Hunger” to provide food to families in need. More than 750 families were fed for the Thanksgiving holiday and over 2,000 families during the Christmas holiday. Deputy Zazwirsky’s plan to impact more than a couple families impacted over 2,750 families. Additionally, Deputy Zazwirsky developed a juvenile arrest monitoring system and has been a key component in reducing juvenile crime by over 20% within the North District.

Benjamin (Ben) Simmons currently serves on the Board of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Lee County and through his years of service has assisted the professional staff in both fundraising and recruiting “Bigs” to be mentors for children facing adversity. Under Ben’s leadership, the organization has grown from a startup with no operations to serving over 250 children last year. In addition, Mr. Simmons also mentors small business owners and non-profits for Southwest Florida SCORE by utilizing his expertise to provide guidance and resources to help them succeed and thrive.

Gary Avin was the 2014 Mentor of the Year for the Take Stock in Children. Mr. Avin has a passion for helping local youth to inspire to become productive members in the community and currently serves as the head coach for the Lee County Hawks U6 youth football team. In November, the team won the Southwest Florida Football League championship. Mr. Avin, through his guidance and mentorship, works to instill a lasting sense of responsibility in his mentees.

Please place your vote for the 2016 Honorary Grand Marshal.
Voting Deadline: January 31, 2016

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