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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I enter a float in one of the parades?

You will need to fill out an application on the applications page for the parade that you would like to participate in.

How does my child enter the Junior Parade?

Those who participate in the Junior Parade fall into several categories: amateur floats, civic association floats, scout floats, marching bands, wagons, strollers, trikes and bikes, walking groups, walking families & individuals, and commercial groups. If your family falls into one of these categories, fill out an Application on the applications page. This will qualify you and your family to participate in the Junior Parade.

How does my child enter the Junior Race?

Please fill out an application for the Junior Fun Run on our applications page. We will also have applications available at the race table on the day of the event.

Is the Festival the same thing as the Pageant?

No. In 1988 the name of the celebration was changed from the Edison Pageant of Light to the Edison Festival of Light. The Festival became an incorporated non-profit organization aimed at organizing the growing number of events. Now the Edison Festival of Light event coordination work goes on year round thanks to a team of dedicated volunteers.

Where’s the best place to sit to see the Grand Parade?

There are many great places to view the Grand Parade. While it is free to attend the event, you also have the opportunity to purchase reserved seating through our Street Seat ticket program, sold by local non-profit groups and set up all along the parade route. A list of participating organizations will be located here at the website under Tickets closer to the event. Otherwise, arrive early with your chairs and blankets and pick a great spot! A current parade map can be found on the parade's event page.

Any other questions you need answered?

Please email any inquiries to or call (239) 334-2999.
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