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Tickets - updated information available in the Fall of 2017
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Tickets - updated information available in the Fall of 2017

Grand Parade VIP Tickets
Saturday, February 17th
Ticket sales will begin for the 2018 Parade in the fall of 2017.

Location: TBD

Q: What is included in the price of admission?
A: Admission includes food stations, soda, ice tea, water, beer and wine, and seating to view the Grand Parade of Light. Mixed beverages are available for purchase. Any guests wanting to consume alcohol must be 21 years old and over and have the proper id. The venue reserves the right to limit alcohol consumption for any individual.

Q: What time can I get in to the event?
A: Doors open at 5:00 pm

Q: Where is the Main Event & How do I get there?

Q: Is there Preferred Seating at the Main Event?
A: Seating for the parade viewing is general admission

Street Seats
Reserved seating can be purchased through the below non-profit organizations for $10.00 each. All locations are located on Edwards Drive and Jackson Street in Downtown Fort Myers.

Antioch Baptist Church
Carmin B. McClary
(239) 823-8841

Zion Lutheran Church
Tim Richter
(239) 481-4040
(561) 309-2268
Quality Life Center
321 Dr. MLK Blvd.
Fort Myers, FL 33916
(239) 334-2797
(239) 878-1279
Boy Scout Troop 193
Angela Stewart
(239) 896-8348
American Red Cross
Michelle Percello
(239) 682-4262
* Accepts all credit cards, please email.

St. Michael Lutheran Youth Ministries
Karen Bottorff
(239) 470-2824
Fort Myers Teen Advisory Council
Gary Bostic: (239) 848-0243
Matt Fairchild: (239) 321-7527

Troop 761
Gene McMullen
(239) 462-3008
(239) 229-6241
Boy Scouts Troop 316
David Stewart
(239) 898-8161
American Cancer Society (Team Hoot)
Doreen Van Buskirk
(239) 410-8858
Boy Scouts Unit 4
Tom Tomlins
(239) 850-5990
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